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Tish Grosek, businesswoman, designer, and mother, embarked on an ambitious and creative journey toward reinvention, self- discovery, and entrepreneurship in 2012. During this time Tish developed a versatile wrap dress that, with a sleek and comfortable look, caters to women everywhere. It's travel-friendly, fashionable and a luxury solution for everyone!

Her Wrap is a unique concept for a dress that can go from day to night, or beach cover up to relaxed elegant evening wear, with the ease and versatility consistent with the lifestyle of today’s modern day woman. It’s poolside posh and evening elegant all wrapped up in one; it comes in both conservative and vibrant colors and is made from a high quality, wrinkle free fabric that travels well.

Inspired by an Italian design concept while living in Puerto Rico, Tish converted her dining room table into a makeshift cutting board and work studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After weeks of hand cutting fabric on her dining room table, community recognition and acclaim through rapid word of mouth, persistent sales in boutiques and bazaars, Tish soon found a mainland manufacturer and preceded to trademark her name and incorporate her company. “Wrap it by Tish” was officially in business. 

The wrap is sold in upscale boutiques, spas, and resorts in the USA, Caribbean, Canada and e-commerce platforms.

Tish is a native of Kingston, PA and has lived in New York City, New Jersey, San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia.